Promoting and supporting women`s empowerment by:

  • Researching local women`s needs
  • Creating Local GIS Core Groups (Which take a pro-active role in the creation of local GIS Women`s Cooperative Learning Schools and local Women`s Networks)
  • Training the GIS Core Groups
  • Creating local GIS Women`s Empowerment Circles and Women`s Cooperative Learning Schools to share women`s knowledge & skills, teaching each other.
  • Creating local Women`s Networks to help each other and to take a pro-active role in their communities, raising awareness on women`s issues, gender equality and intercultural understanding.
  • Working in partnership with other local organisations
  • Promoting awareness through local conferences, workshops and book/films clubs on gender equality and/or intercultural understanding, open to the public and to everyone who wants to attend, women and men.
  • Working in partnership with other National, European or Global organisations and networks for campaigning & advocacy