The Women`s Local Groups

The Local Groups are the grass-root GIS units and they are composed by women and local organisations` representatives

Governing Bodies

The General Assembly (GA) brings together all the members of GIS and is the highest authority of the organisation. It adopts the GIS`s annual work programme and sets policies guidelines and priorities for the organisation. It adopts the annual budget, as well as ratifying the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee, headed by the chair of GIS, is made up of a representative of each Local Group as well as representatives of member organisations. It is its responsibility to propose the General Assembly’s (GA) work programme, to execute the GA’s decisions, as well as to appoint a Board of Trustees. In addition, the Executive Committee adopts issue-specific policy papers and decides on lobbying actions.

The Board of Trustees consists of the Chair , the Vice-chair, a General Secretary, a Treasurer and two more trustees, acting collectively to manage the smooth operation of the affairs of the GIS, manifested by its Executive Committee and staff.

The Staff

The GIS Staff provides support to all of GIS’s bodies, develop and implement the work programme, organise meetings, facilitate networking and capacity building between the GIS’s members and develop external partnerships and alliances.

The Working Groups

The Working Groups provide support to Women`s Local Groups for the development of  their activities and also work on the whole organisation`s activities such as communication, strategy, network development and so on . They will report to the Executive Committee and work together with the staff team.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of the organisation. The AB does not have authority to vote on organisation matters or bear legal judiciary responsibilities.