Our Vision

Global Intercultural Sisterhood aspires to an inclusive world where women & girls have the same rights and opportunities as men & boys and where all cultures build bridges where there may be divides and create a strong women`s & girls` voice.

Our Mission

To work together with women and girls from different cultural backgrounds to provide personal empowerment, training, educational support and intercultural understanding. 

We create supportive and cooperative relationships, networks and well informed services that enable women & girls to access what they need in order to increase their well-being and safety and in order to create a strong women`s & girls` voice for gender equality and for intercultural understanding.

Our Aims

  • To bring women & girls from diverse cultures and faiths together
  • To promote and support women`s & girls` empowerment
  • To combat women`s isolation whenever it happens
  • To support women`s & girls` empowerment to become active in breaking down prejudices and barriers
  • To promote gender equality
  • To promote intercultural understanding


Global Intercultural Sisterhood includes the objectives of equality and non-discrimination in all its areas of work