Women together, we have a wide knowledge and skills that we can share and teach each other 

The Cooperative Learning Schools (CLS) are Skills Exchange Spaces where women from different backgrounds are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with each other free of charge within their local groups. The goal of the project is to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration between sisters to expand their level of awareness in an array of themes useful for personal and career development.

We contribute according to our abilities, we receive according to our needs

It is unlikely that we are experts in everything, but it is very much possible that we have some tricks under our belts.  So, are you...

  • A master of your own kitchen or a small business owner willing to share tips?
  • A cooperate professional open to hold a leadership session?
  • A yoga teacher happy to share few poses and relaxation techniques?
  • A master/expert/lover on something you really know how to perform well?

There will always be sisters who would be happy to learn from you!

Sharing our knowledge and skills makes us more powerful 

We all have something to share. If we think otherwise, it is because we don’t know it yet. So, for women who are still exploring their abilities, your presence, willingness to learn, and smile is sufficient to be a member of a CLS.

Please fill (this form) if you would like to be part of your local Cooperative Learning School, and send back to:

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