For women who  aspire to discover hidden abilities and qualities, and yearn to enrich their relationships and their life in general  

A lot has been done to blur the gender gap between men and women, and women and girls no longer have a separate sphere within which they’re expected to exist. However, we still have a long way to go before we reach a level of existence that sees no difference in our abilities, hopes and dreams.  

Women Empowerment Circles (WEC) are spaces created to inspire women to live a life that reflects our desires, commitments and aspirations.  WEC are delivered through carefully designed modular sessions intended to explore issues and barriers faced by women in modern society, challenge the cultural-conditioning of our place, and work together to turn negative representations/expectations of women into a source of inspiration to allow for a more wholesome and empowered life. 

Some of WEC topics include,  

  • Breaking molds and societal/cultural barriers
  • Understanding of women’s right
  •  Assertive communication
  • Becoming a self-advocate for growth
  • Achieving our goals
  • Building healthy confidence and self-esteem  

Who delivered WEC?

WEC is delivered by women who are experts on covered issues and professionals who have an invested interest in women empowerment. However, WEC is also a collaborative learning space where members of GIS are encouraged to contribute to wider discussions regarding topics covered.  

Why just women in those circles?

WEC is a women only circle, not in a desire to exclude men but because topics covered in the sessions are specifically designed to address issues pertaining to women and girls (and after that... Share our knowledge with them!).

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Why just women in some circles? The aspects to work at empowerment circles are important to both, women and men, and, of course, we love men: all of us we have fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, lovers and friends to whom, without any kind of doubt ,we love. But women (and men on their own) we have some aspects  which, due to social, cultural and physical conditioning, we must work out differently (and after that... Share it with them!).

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